We really don't know why anyone would want to pursue a ghost hunting career at RA Business Consulting, but if ghost hunting is your thing, hey, we can't judge!





First, you must decide that RA Business Consulting is your optimal employer. We want winners in our circle, and we can't afford to have anyone join our family who is too scared to be there. This is going to be one of the spookiest time in your life, so you ought to be prepared for it mentally before you can commit to working with us. Trust us when we say this, "if you think you got it, you got it."


Whilst we don't accept resumes, we are looking for other mediums to get to know you! Of course, we want to know the basics like your name and contact information, but we want to investigate a bit deeper than that. We want to know why you are so awesome, how we can help you achieve your own goals, and what would make you an asset to our company. Fill out our form below (after reading "o·ne") to get one step closer to working with the best Business Consulting firm in the world!


Our interview process is anything but "conventional." Allow 3-4 weeks for your application to be processed. Expect updates regularly. You will be placed on our ghost list, which means that you will be given a special case to investigate. The Successful exercism of this case will pretty much guarantee a position at RABC.

"We wish you the best of luck and can't wait to have you join the family!"

-the entire rabc family

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